Monday, October 18, 2010

And finally, a day to relax.

Phew.  Finally everything is back to normal and it's back to my regular day job (Best buy is still a terrible place to work for, even with an employee discount.)  But now it's time to begin saving for the next convention year.  I'm still trying to get press passes for the 'larger' conventions such as comic con and what not.  But without some huge portfolio, resume, and a dot com site it looks like they won't so much as give me a discount on a badge to get inside...sigh.  Oh well.  I do believe I'm going to be invited to power morphicon (A power rangers convention?  Seriously?! Awesome.  Lol) thanks to the fact at a convention in Florida I met with Jason David Frank (The original green ranger) and got on his good graces somehow and he claimed he could get me in.  If all goes well I'll see him at AFO in Florida this year to find out if he'll hold to his word or not.

But yes, thankfully after it all I still have quite a bit of money saved up still.  Meaning if all goes well I might be able to upgrade my camera from a Nikon D90 to a Canon EOS model.  But it's still a little expensive for my tastes.  Hopefully the price will come down by the time I want to buy it since Nikon cameras have been hit or miss with me over the years.

But if all goes well I should be hitting at least 9 conventions this year.  Possible upwards of 12 if I get REALLY lucky.


  1. have a nice time relaxing! I hope all is well.

  2. Power Rangers scare me D:
    Have a good time bra BTW.

  3. hahaha Best Buy, a mate of mine works there and also says its a shit hole :P

  4. nikons give me issues as well, i stick with kodak

  5. power rangers convention. haha